ASTRO-TAROT: Full Moon at 20 Degrees Aries. Sunday, October 13, 2019, 2:07 P.M. PST. Feat. T-Square to Pluto in Capricorn

The energy of this full moon is ushering us into the final quarter of this decade. To put it very bluntly, shit is about to get very real here at the close of business. We are blending elements from two of the most seminal and initiatory signs of the zodiac (Aries and Libra) with the planet that rules irreparable transformation (Pluto) in the sign of foundational realities (Capricorn.)

Let’s break it all down and see where we are headed.

First, we have the full moon which brings us the opposition of the moon in Aries and the sun in Libra. Aries and Libra are cardinal signs. This means that they inherently hold the power of the new within them. When we feel excited, exhilarated and full of promise and energy we are entering the realm of the cardinal signs. (We actually have five planets at this time in cardinal signs so there is a lot of support for feeling excited about new things.)

However, we have to be reminded that this is a full moon and the inherent energy of a full moon is one of completion. This is usually a time where projects are wrapped up either in a particular stage of a project or the project in its entirety. So we might feel a bit constrained as we are being asked to finish something at the same time we are floating in all the cardinal energy.

Full moons also reveal and shed light on things that may have been unknown to us or that we have had some confusion around for a while. We will look very closely at this aspect when we look at the T-square to Pluto and what may arise not only within our own chart but globally.

SIGN: ARIES – Aries rules the first house and is the pure potential which springs forth from us just after our moment of birth. It is that first lusty crying out as our unadulterated senses expose the reality of where we have landed – earth school is loud, bright, cold, rough. We are assaulted and we make it known that we are NOT a happy camper and we want something to change and change NOW! Aries wants to go and do and be and explore. However, on it’s own it doesn’t have the patience to harness the discipline needed to see their adventures through to the end.

Ruled by the planet Mars there is also the potential for warrior and war-like energy to exude. Anger can be the fuel creating discord and discontent. Aries fights to secure it’s sense of self identity and to express the ego, not always diplomatically.

The moon is here and is not always comfortable in this extroverted, initiatory, and exploratory sign. It just wants to hang at home rather than hang on a glider hundreds of feet above the earth!

SIGN: LIBRA – Libra is the first sign we encounter when we make the transition from childhood into adulthood. Libra shifts our focus of reflection about ourselves from our families and closest friends to the larger world. In a sense, when we enter the realm of Libra we are learning to individuate from the family sphere and can invent ourselves according to the reflections we receive from people we now encounter “out there.” Teachers, classmates, close friends, co-workers. These are the people with whom we can try on new masks and try out new ideas with in order to find out where we fit in and what we feel works for us as a persona.

Libra is ruled by Venus and is very invested in harmonious conditions. This can lead to going along to get along and Librans can get lost in the moment and become submissive to the others very quickly. However, they are also quite persuasive and can turn the moment to their favor. The Sun being in Libra shines light on the wish for harmony at this time.

T-SQUARE: So what is this T-square formation? It is when two planets who are opposing each other (in this case the sun and moon) are also forming a 90 degree angle individually to another planet (in this case Pluto.) When you look at it in a chart it will look like a triangle with the base being the two planets opposing and the other two lines being drawn to the additional planet with forms an apex.

How do T-squares function? The planet at the apex of the triangle is sending the energy downward, exerting a pressure upon the other two planets. So, we need to look, now, at what energies Pluto in Capricorn is exerting on the sun and moon.

PLUTO: Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld in our western mythology. He is Hades and rules all things that lurk beneath us in our inner world. The energy is profound and can be disconcerting and uncomfortable. We do not want to deal with those dark places within us. However, let’s look a little deeper.

To understand Pluto (Hades) it is worthwhile to cast a quick glance at the myth of Hades and Persephone.

Persephone is a beautiful, young and innocent woman, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She plays in nature with her friends and one day Hades sees her and becomes obsessed by her. He hatches a plan to steal her and take her to his realm in the Underworld. When he does so she is, at first, horrified. She was a maiden and he then marries her and transforms her into a woman. He takes it one step further and makes her Queen of the Underworld. Eventually, Persephone embodies this new role fully and is very happy to be this beautiful, powerful Queen. Persephone is taken out from under the protective and restrictive wing of her mother and, instead, is recognized and transformed by Hades for the autonomous, powerful and queenly woman she truly is.

So, when we experience a severe Pluto transit, especially when it is hitting into the very personal planets of Venus and Mars, we can consider how Pluto is creating a new place for us to step into the regal, responsible, stripped-of-youthful-ignorance being we are in essence and ascend the throne of our underworld. This is his greatest power and his greatest gift offered to us. It is on us to understand the depth of this transformation because what is transformed is done so forever. But if we can understand the end game, what we are being asked to become, we can embrace the darkness.

CAPRICORN: With Capricorn we are dealing with structures, solidity, control, boundaries, how laws are enforced through power. When very personal planets like the Sun and Moon are being pulled into the sphere of Capricorn it is always highlighting our personal power.

So, let’s pull this all together.

We have the Sun and Moon in Aries and Libra which speaks to initiatory energies within our self and with others. This can feel really wonderful at first because both of these energies revel in newness given that these are cardinal signs. However, since we are balancing the wants and needs of the self with the wants and needs of others we are on a see-saw and can become frustrated. This can lead to impulsiveness and possibly using anger and tantrums as a means of dealing with our frustrations on the one hand, or submissiveness leading to a simmering anger turned within when we don’t get what we want.

With the T-Square from Pluto he is exerting pressure on both the sun and moon to give up the childish ideals and take a step toward claiming our rightful place in our world. Step up and take on the regal aspects of these two energies.

For Aries, it is the initiatory energy of fire and provides true passion and zeal to inspire others toward taking action. A King or Queen provides the inspiration not through wielding their egos and forcing people to see things their way but through making each person they meet feel like they are part of the plan, integral to the cause, and vital to the movement.

With Libra a King or Queen’s power is connecting one on one with those around us and offering them ways to feel loved and beautiful without imposing our own sense of what that might look like for them. It is giving permission to others to find the beautiful for themselves and that is a very powerful gift that we can extend to anyone.

In embracing these ways of inspiring and encouraging others we embody our true regal natures that are secure and full of true power.


For this Full Moon find the King or Queen card that you feel most aligned with and use this card in daily meditation for the next two weeks. Ask questions of it as your days go by and situations arise. Are the kids driving you crazy? Ask your King, “What is the most regal way to deal with my children?” Same for anything that brings you to a dark place of the emotions of anger, hatred, depression, fear. Ask that Queen to help you find your way toward a higher path for the good of yourself and others.

On a more playful note, buy or make a crown and, when you are feeling particularly out of control, stick that puppy on your head and look at yourself in the mirror. See if this image of yourself in a royal form helps to change the attitude from child to Ruler of your Realm.

As ever, may you have a wonderful two weeks working with this energy.