Break free, dance, explore, make beauty and/or take a walk on the wild side! Welcome to your Full Moon in Aquarius breakdown! This full moon makes an opposition to Venus in heart warming Leo so there may be a slight bump in the road or a breakthrough in your understanding about the need for love and the need for authenticity.

PLANET: MOON – As ever we have our moon, center of all things emotional and nurturing. The planet that speaks to our sense of home, safety, family.

This being a full moon, as it stands for all full moons, there is the base energy of culminations, completions, and the fruition of ideas and events in our life.

SIGN: AQUARIUS; PLANET URANUS – This full moon is in the sign of Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus .

Aquarius has earned its reputation as a quick moving, eclectic and impulsive sign. It rules communities but on a deeper level it really speaks to identity as an individual amongst the others of our tribe. People with strong Aquarian patterns in their charts often find that they long to find their people but just can’t seem to do groups so they are often left feeling very alone. This doesn’t bother them for long because they also have a strong individuation and may also find themselves loners but happy to be so. They would prefer to be alone and authentic with their lives than be in a group of people that they perceive as shallow and wasting their precious time. So this full moon may find you highlighting your place in the groups you currently travel in and you may be reviewing whether or not you want to continue to be included. Taking a time out and being the outsider is OK.

Aquarius rules electricity and therefore rules the flow of information….not necessarily how things get communicated, but rather, how the communications are moved through entities like the Internet, the mail system, courier systems. In computer terms, it rules the processors. How are you processing the information you receive? How are you moving information from one place to the other? In practical terms, what is your process for storing and retaining information? Is it time to clear space on your hard drive, both the one on your desk but also the one in your head? Maybe you have been pursuing a course of study and it’s just time to walk away and clear the decks to simplify and clarify your ability to handle your life.

PLANET: VENUS, SIGN: LEO IN OPPOSITION – I put the planet and sign together because they are so harmonious right now talking about them separately would be redundant!

Venus is Venus so we are looking at all things Venusian highlighted in this opposition: love, romance, worth (both self and monetary), beauty.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and highlights where we feel gooooood! Like, really good. Leo is represented by a lion so you can imagine a big, golden lion on a warm summer day, rolling and rolling in soft green grass.

Leo is heart energy so paired with Venus’ emphasis on love and romance you are getting the picture. This pairing is about the things and people we love on all fronts. The ones that make our hearts fill and expand to bursting like a glorious sun.

Leo also speaks to our egos. The ego itself is not a bad thing. It is what provides us enough of a sense of identity that we are able to utilize our higher cognition in order to explore our place in this world, at this moment in time.

The full moon in Aquarius opposing Venus right now means that whilst we are reveling amongst the flowers and good times it could be very easy for our egos to swell along with our hearts. With Aquarius’ emphasis on authenticity the Leonian ego may bristle under the gaze of this light and bluster around, puffing itself up and trying to paint itself a little brighter than is the truth.

Conversely, the Aquarian energy may bristle under the playful cavorting gaze of Leo, calling it to join in the dance! Maybe it’s time to consider a little loosening up and playing a bit more even if that doesn’t feel entirely “you.” Adding a little more joy may end up feeling so good that you may reconsider and start to explore things doing arts of some kind, dancing, yoga, or even just going out to a comedy club. It also might include doing some re-design of your interior spaces, adding something new and beautiful.

ELEMENTS: The Moon is a water planet, Uranus (Aquarius) is an air planet, Venus is an earth planet, and Leo is ruled by the Sun which is a fire planet. Wow!! All the elements are present here. So, on the whole, elementally we are really getting a lot of opportunity for balance with this full moon. The opposition may simply be asking you to look at where you are just slightly out of kilter in your thinking (air,) emotions (water), spiritual pursuits (fire), and/or material manifestations like your work (earth.) Lots of opportunity to reflect in a quiet way.

FINAL PIECES: Overall, this is a really balanced and solid full moon. Aquarius might throw a monkey wrench into your life. It’s always best to expect the unexpected with Aquarius, although whatever is revealed is most likely not going to be too big a shock and you will get some time to really focus on where you are in living an authentic life with yourself as well as the groups you identify with. It will also be a great time to see if you need to step back from some activities that might be stressing your inner processor (brain) to the point of headaches or increased forgetfulness.

If Venus pokes at you a little and runs off with a giggle try not to grump but maybe let loose and run in the grass with your shoes off, even for just a couple of minutes. I personally LOVE going to those sip and paint events. I never, ever thought I would but I get to paint in a group in which we are all “not artists” yet everyone has a wonderful time and everyone ends up with a painting they never expected they would be able to create! One of these events is perfect for this full moon!!

OK! Let’s sort out our ingredients!

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: Authenticity, individuality, your tribe, feeling like a loner, your processing mechanisms, love, warmth, beauty, play, creativity.

With all the elements represented in this full moon I encourage you to do a 5 card elemental spread. The layout is as follows:

  1. Card 1: North, Earth: What is guiding and supporting me in the realm of my material work and possessions?
  2. Card 2: East, Air: What new ideas and ways of thinking are supporting and guiding me?
  3. Card 3: South, Fire: How is my personal power supporting and guiding me?
  4. Card 4: West, Water: How is flow supporting me in the manifestation of my best life?
  5. Card 5: Spirit Within: What message is Divine Guidance offering about my spiritual path?

PRACTICALLY SPIRITUAL: This full moon offers a chance to take actions toward finding your authentic voice and letting it guide you toward making a decision of some kind. If it is regarding the tribe(s) that you have been involved with perhaps the decision to get more involved or to step away. But it could be any decision that is currently on your plate, one that you have been mulling for awhile.

I invite you to explore how you would make that decision with an eye toward your current processing mechanism. How have you made decisions in the past? Lists? Flip a coin? Talk it out with a friend? Whatever has been your mode in the past I would suggest trying something different this time! It may not be comfortable, but when we put ourselves into new ways of making choices we find the places in our thinking that may have been hidden and possibly guiding us in unconscious, possibly unhealthy, ways. Even if that isn’t so, it is still good to use other methods of processing in order to see with new eyes.

I also invite you to create and play and don’t let your lone wolf go off into it’s cave. Let it sit in the sun and bask, listening to the birds, sniffing the breezes. Revel!

May this full moon bring you joy and peace.

Be well, be happy. Namaste.


Raise the drawbridge, fill the moat, and arm the battlements! Welcome to your Full Moon Lunar Eclipse breakdown for July 16th, 2019 at 24 degrees of Capricorn! As with the last new moon blog this blog will be a bit longer because of the multi-layered aspects we are dealing with. There is a significant aspect this full moon makes with the planets Saturn and Pluto and it is well worth covering thoroughly so that you can be prepared for what will be needed to navigate the energies leading up to January 2020.

PLANET: MOON – As ever we have our moon, center of all things emotional and nurturing. The planet that speaks to our sense of home, safety, family.

This being a full moon, as it stands for all full moons, there is the base energy of culminations, completions, and the fruition of ideas and events in our life. Whilst full moons are illuminating and often shed bright light on things missed or hidden or not revealed to us in some way, this lunar eclipse may short-circuit this potential and leave us feeling even a bit more in the dark about events having to do with the energies explained below.

Eight of Pentacles – Rider Waite Smith

SIGN: CAPRICORN; PLANET SATURN – So this full moon is in the sign of Capricorn and Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Additionally, the moon physically is in a conjunction (a really tight hug!) with the actual planet Saturn in the sky. So this full moon is double-dosed with all the Saturn/Capricorn energy it can handle.

Saturn and Capricorn deal with our structures in life, both internal and external and has a great deal to do with the power those institutions and structures enforce.

Externally, there are the institutions that govern the movement of us as individuals and as a society collectively. These include banks, large corporations, governments and the enforcement of societal laws.

On the next level down, on a more personal level, Saturn and Capricorn is all about the way we choose to work in this world. Our jobs, careers, volunteer opportunities. It also simply means that we will be getting down to the grindstone and doing some serious work on all levels.

Internally, it deals with the boundaries placed upon us by rules and laws that were set up to keep us “in order.” Not all rules and boundaries are bad! Some actually keep us safe and provide an understanding of how we function in the world. However, when we run into those that constrict us, or those we sense are there to stifle or potentially harm us, and then begin to internalize these things, we can become very hard and rigid in our thinking and actions with rampant feelings of frustration.

We will potentially see some very overt power plays show up with this lunation. They might come from the outside and we may find ourselves caught in the struggle. For instance, our organization suddenly downsizes and we lose our position in the company, or our job description suddenly is revised in ways we don’t like, or we may lose our job altogether. Alternatively we might experience the power struggles arising from within us. We need to make sure that we have a very clear idea of how we are utilizing power especially if we are in a position of “authority” within our workplace (or any place, really.)

The Tower – Rider Waite Smith

PLANET: PLUTO (ALSO IN CAPRICORN): Pluto is the planet farthest out from the sun in our solar system. It is considered a trans-personal planet (as are Uranus and Neptune.) This means that the influences of Pluto are HUGE and collective. Very rarely do the effects of Pluto actually only work on our little sphere of the universe. When Pluto aspects arise the arise in the collect consciousness and we as a species, a nation, a planet shift and change.

That said, this lunar eclipse full moon is going to give us all a very up close and personal experience of Plutonian themes as the moon is also in conjunction (a tight hug) with Pluto. And Pluto’s themes are the big ones: death, rebirth and transformation. What will pass away for us will be gone for good. There will be no returning to the old ways of expressing ourselves and feeling complacent. We are being tasked with a new birthing, a rising of a magnificent Phoenix and we will need great fortitude. We can shift the pain of this by becoming a willing co-creator of our transformation by consciously recognizing the things that we must let go of in order to move on to the next higher level of our souls. The work we contracted to achieve here on Earth school is far greater than the things that we have allowed to hold us back.

ELEMENTS: The Moon and Pluto are water planets, and Saturn is an earth planet. The type of water expressed by the Moon and Pluto are very different and we will get to that in a moment.

The earthy landscape that Saturn holds for the Moon’s water is one of high, jagged cliffs that lead to tall and impenetrable mountains. Whlist water can, and will with enough time, wear down all stone and rocks, it must, when faced with the earth of Saturn, simply bow and allow itself to surrender to the boundaries of this harsh and solid landscape. Surrendering is not synonymous to giving up or quitting or sitting about in a pity party because we can’t do the things we want to do because someone said so. Maturely surrendering means to relax and acknowledge which things within your sphere of influence you cannot change, and which things you can change…then work on those alone with a peaceful heart.

The water of Pluto is not the water of the moon but is the watery vapors of space. With these waters we feel the shifts and flows that are happening on a collective level. We may see many people around us all experiencing similar themes of dissolution and loss. We will grieve not only for ourselves, but also be in touch with a collective grief. We will cry as a planet for the losses and each other but we will also be there for each other as the new paradigms arise from the ashes.

LUNAR ECLIPSE: As mentioned earlier, the eclipse will cause the moon to once more go into a shadow phase. We will feel diminished, perhaps fearful at this time as things we thought were being revealed to us draw back into shadow leaving us more confused that before. Given the areas covered by Capricorn we may experience large shifts with regard to our workplace or what we do with our job. The level of discomfort we feel may be greater than we anticipate, but the eclipse will pass and in two weeks we will have a new moon in fiery Leo and things may become clearer about why what happened needed to happen. Meanwhile, we may get a glimpse into how to move into the work we came here to do which may not be the job we are currently in. Pay attention to your dreams during this eclipse.

Art by Kenneth Rougeau

FINAL PIECES: On a global level, things are heating up and this eclipse will continue to accelerate the chaos we are currently seeing in our news feeds. The institutions that Saturn and Capricorn rule are undergoing a huge upheaval and the power of many are vying for dominance. Many structures are crumbling before our eyes. The safety we may have felt once with our jobs, our banks, our law enforcement is all shifting leaving us feeling vulnerable and adrift.

This is a perfect time to contemplate and begin to build an inner tower or fortress, a private retreat where the storms can bash all they like, but you will remain safe within. But here is the trick. You must allow the materials you use in the building to be permeable. This allows for information to both come in and also to get out! In this way you can allow for outdated beliefs to leave rather than keep you trapped into ways of thinking that may no longer serve you turning your tower of safety into a prison. Instead, you can actively allow for the transformation to happen by you rather than to you. So, instead of being at the mercy of a transit coming through your life and blasting down the too rigid structure that you have set up leaving you sitting, dazed and confused, in the pile of your own rubble, you take control of the flow of beliefs then you are able to wield the power to stand firm no matter that all else around you is in chaos.

Whilst the external institutions of control and the bounds and boundaries of society, culture, governments and laws may be being blasted away we have the opportunity to establish or fortify our inner self-control and self-discipline.

The materials that will serve you best in your construction or fortification are integrity, transparency, authenticity. You are not building to make an impression on the world. If the world is blowing itself up and is in flames (as in the Tower card) it will not care about you one little bit. But, these will be the character traits that you can fall back on for yourself and know that, no matter what or who comes along and tries to tear you down or blow you up personally, they will have no power over you in this regard.

Finally, watch your timing on things. If you have any doubt about saying or doing a thing right now, step back. This might be difficult for some but it will be essential. You will have an opportunity later.

OK! Let’s sort out our ingredients!

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: power, control of self and others, transformations in the outer, actively creating permanent transformations within, structures (most notably around one’s career), finances (as related to our work), boundaries, surrender, retreat in order to advance, time and timing.

Here is a four card spread that might help in clarifying the energies with this moon:

  1. What situation is exerting power over me which I can not control?
  2. What do you wish to tell me about my own use of power at this time?
  3. What is my greatest strength with which to build the foundation of my internal fortress?
  4. What is one action that I can take to help me transform my inner landscape?


With all the energies provided with this full moon I would suggest finding four cards to meditate upon and use as guides this month.

Using the ingredients above here are the questions to ask: (Please remember that you can use any deck you like for this exercise. It doesn’t matter. There will always be a card available that will carry these energies. You might like to do the exercise across multiple decks and see which card pops up according to the relationship you have with the deck. Is it the same card or a different one? Is it just one card that comes to you are are there two or more that seem to work? Explore!):

  • Which card will provide you guidance about holding your boundaries?
  • Which card will provide guidance about your inner power?
  • Which card will provide you guidance about your inner strength?
  • Which card will guide you through great transformation?

PRACTICALLY SPIRITUAL: With the huge and heavy energy of this full moon there are two ways that would be best to do your work.

First, journal. Write it out. You may actually need to see your thoughts put to words in a very down to earth and practical manner. Just like what happens when we are having a conversation with someone and suddenly we hear ourselves and it sobers us up. Journal with all of the four cards in order to really solidify their guidance. Especially the card which will guide you through transformation. That card will be valuable for the remainder of the year. You may wish to refer back to what you have written.

Secondly, allow yourself to simply do your work one step at a time. Just ‘do the next thing.’ If you become overwhelmed simply ask yourself, “What is the next thing to do?” It should be very simple. Maybe it is, “put the dishes away.” Or even as small as, “put that shirt on a hangar.” Then ask again, “What is the next thing to do?” And keep going. One thing. Then another, then another. Those are the things that will help you to feel in control should everything else around seem crazy.

May your inner fortress be built with great care, great love, great compassion. We are ALL in this great time of transformation together.

Be well, be happy. Namaste.

ASTRO-TAROT: Ethics In Astrology and Tarot – Accountability and Responsibility


Yesterday was just…well, one of those days. We have a conjunction between Mercury and Mars in fiery Leo that will be exact on Monday, July 9, but is within three degrees of each other right now. Communications are moving fast and hot and this conjunction is now close enough for the fire brigade to be at the ready! I offer you this tale as both a manifestation of this energy and, more importantly, as a dive into the topic of professional responsibility and ethical communications within the context of spiritual arts.

A video was put out by an professional astrologer I have followed on YouTube for about a year. He currently has ninety four thousand subscribers on this channel. He comes off as a spiritual practitioner. In this video he was talking about the energies of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2 and started to ramble about healing your childhood wounds. All well and good.

However, he then got into a discussion about the wounds of childhood sexual abuse. He said that these are difficult to heal because, at bottom, the child experiences pleasure by being aroused during an abuse event. He used the phrase, “because it feels good.”

This stopped me in my tracks and I was appalled. First of all, he throws out this topic as if it’s just a small thing to add to his chatter without considering that many people viewing may have deep trauma around this topic, then he actually states that a sexually abused child experiences pleasure. Where to begin?

When I commented that I felt he was very wrong and that I hoped the Mercury retrograde time will offer him an opportunity to RE-view this video and offer an apology to his viewers he replied thusly: “It’s in every psychology and biological book that the physical body responds with chemicals from the brain when sexually stimulated. You’re in denial.”

He deleted that comment about 20 minutes later and then posted some cut and paste commentary about all the hormones that are released (even though children’s endocrines systems are not developed) that create pleasure biologically when touched in a sexual manner. Never mind that children, especially pre-verbal infants, are still negotiating life through their energetic body which is their primary guidance system. They will know intuitively that this person touching them intends them harm and they will go into fear mode which is far stronger than some biological pleasure. They will be afraid, not aroused.

There were two other women who challenged him but he may not have read their replies before mine. He did not reply to either of them and he never returned to commenting.

I share this because this astrologer is not, in my opinion, professional or an ethical practitioner. He is ignorant and self-absorbed at best. His reply to someone who questions him about his off-handed remarks about childhood sexual abuse through making attempts to defend this type of commentary with clearly no real knowledge of the topic, sensitivity to his viewing audience, and includes victim blaming (“You’re in denial”) into his defense is what brings me here to write this blog.

For the most part, many who are in the profession of providing professional readings are not trained therapists or psychologists. Yet we find ourselves in the position of hearing deep stories from our clients that are filled with pain and sorrow. And we always have to assume that we are not hearing the worst of the worst. So we must tread lightly when we see what we see within a chart or spread. It takes a long time to really learn the art of tact and discretion.

As practitioners we are absolutely accountable for what and how we share information with our clients or subscribers. Period. Sure, we have some days where we get stuck. Maybe it’s a Mercury retrograde that has us reeling and we just say all the wrong things. If we get called out, then we have an ethical responsibility to look at our position and consider whether or not we feel we may need to adjust. Apologizing is the mature response even if you feel that you were not incorrect! Someone was distressed by something you said and you can still apologize. Defending and backtracking and ESPECIALLY engaging in something like blaming and shaming the person involved is reprehensible and points to the fact that it might be time to take a break from what we are doing and heal our own soul. This is not the profile of a professional and could seriously damage someone.

If you are someone who goes to tarot readers or astrologers and you hear something like this that is clearly wrong you are NOT obligated to continue in a session with the reader. If you are a subscriber to someone’s blog or YouTube channel, you have every right to call them out on this type of uninformed commentary. We do our best to try to educate rather than berate, but if we are triggered we might come out guns a-blazing. In all instances when we are with someone who claims to be a “spiritual healer” and engages in unethical behaviour it is best to simply stand up and speak up and hope that they will wake up.

If you have questions or feedback please feel free to contact me either through comments here or via a personal message. I will be happy to respond.

Take care of yourselves, friends. May you go gently into these tumultuous times.

Be well and Namaste.

ASTRO-TAROT MOONS: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2, 2019

Well met, friends, on this extremely powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer! This blog will be a bit longer because of the multi-layered aspects we are dealing with. There will be a bit more astrology involved, but we will get to the tarot in the end. Hold on to your hats, folks!

This being a new moon we start our journey by recognizing the overall energy of initiation, seed planting, and all NEW beginnings.

PLANET: MOON, SIGN: CANCER – This particular new moon finds the planet, the moon, and the sign, Cancer, being strong and in the greatest harmony as Cancer is ruled by the moon! So the new energies will be about everything Cancerian: our emotional body, our sense of home both within ourselves and our external home, our family (especially our mother,) our roots.

Because this is a new, or “dark,” moon, we are really looking at the internal aspects of Cancer. So, we may be feeling very emotional with this moon, maybe a little “crabbish.” We will definitely be focusing on looking at how we have been emotionally reactive or interactive with ourselves and our lives. Are we experiencing more mood swings about ourselves – one minute positive, the next more negative? How are we doing with actually feeling engaged with our lives?

We will also be looking at our sense of home and the aspect of nurturing in our lives. This can quite literally be about how we feel about our physical home and how we experience the feedback about where we live and the things we have surrounded ourselves with as an outward expression of our idea of what nurtures us and makes us feel protected and safe when we float through the door. We could be suddenly very critical of our home and the people whom we live with if we are experiencing changes within about what we need to feel rooted in our lives. It may lead you to consider that you need to move, but do take some time to consider whether this motivation is being fueled by wanting to make a change in your external world to fix an internal issue. You can always move, but if that internal issue isn’t addressed you will simply take it with you to the next physical location and nothing will be resolved on a permanent basis.

If our emotional world is feeling extremely tender and raw fueled by the need to change and create new ways of being we can feel too vulnerable to be out and about and simply want to be a hermit and crawl into the darkest recesses of our cave and crawl under a blanket. Honour this need! You may need a LOT more rest, a lot more quiet time to yourself. Take whatever plans you can off your calendar. There are new seeds of inspiration that need your full attention as you will be planting them in extremely fertile soil right now. These roots will go deep so you must be clear in your intentions.

ELEMENTS: With the moon in it’s home sign of Cancer there is so much water everywhere! As I mentioned earlier, you could be feeling very emotional right now. You could also suddenly be feeling new emotions you have not had before, most likely about your personal life. There is also the strong potential to be unable to hold your boundaries and that watery emotional expression could flood the banks and spill out into all the areas of your life.

Every new moon feels the heat of the sun as it gets up close and personal but usually the energy is more steamy than anything else. Due to the solar eclipse the moon is exerting great power so this could also tend to feel like a boiling bath!

SOLAR ECLIPSE: As with every solar eclipse this brings incredible power to the energy of the moon. The moon actually blocks the sun! We think of the sun as being the source of great power but with solar eclipses the moon holds all the cards blocking the life force of the sun and short-circuiting the solar energies and adding to the emotional turmoil. As I mentioned above, the moon is kissing the sun and the heat of that sun may leave us emotionally and physically parched. Please take care to drink plenty of water.

FINAL PIECES: With this new moon we have incredible opportunities to dig deep and set new seed intentions for ourselves about how we will move forward with greater in our emotional guidance system and making sure that we are feeling adequately nurtured. Perhaps we will break free from some situation involving our current family constellation which no longer serves to support in order to embrace the movement toward finding a family of choice.

One very interesting example which has happened over the past couple of days has occurred on a couple of YouTube channels that I frequent. The channels are part of an online tarot community and within the past couple of weeks the creators seemed to have several people come online during live chats and challenge to them regarding their level of inclusiveness within the community. There were accusations about the owners of only accepting some people into their sphere with a lot of qlique-type behaviour demonstrated.

Both of the channel owners did their best to address this, expressing that the only thing they have tried to do from the start was create a community, not qliques. However, as the days progressed and many other viewers also began to express dissatisfaction and the feeling of being excluded things went south very quickly. The result is that both of the owners of these channels have let the community know that they will be shutting down their live chats and probably all video content for a bit. They are feeling very misunderstood and attacked and they felt this was a way to step back and give themselves a break and let things die down – especially because it was so emotionally exhausting and sad for them. So, they are retreating into their respective caves to contemplate. This is a very strong example of one expression of this new moon profile.

This new moon solar eclipse also heralds the last six months of this decade lending even greater weight to it’s presence. The energies are building quickly toward a very big astrological event in January 2020, the exact Pluto/Saturn conjunction. (I will create a separate blog about this later.) Suffice to say, we may be feeling very big movements within and are ready to create new changes that will be life affirming and bold in these next six months. It is vital to sit down and write out your affirmations and set intentions for these next six months during this new moon. The seeds of these intentions are right here, right now!

OK! Let’s sort out our ingredients!

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: Contemplation, deep emotions, family, inner home, new intention setting, safety, devotion, attachments, emotional guidance system.

SPREAD: Here is a three card spread that might help in clarifying the energies with this moon:

  1. What is important for me to know about my emotions and my inner home?
  2. What is important for me to know about setting intentions with this new moon?
  3. What action(s) can I take during the next two weeks to give roots and growth to my new intentions?

FINDING YOUR NEW MOON CARD: Now, using the ingredients here are some questions that might speak to you about finding a card for this moon time. You can pick one question to answer or maybe you can use more than one to deepen the intuitive sense of which card will work for you (Please remember that you can use any deck you like for this exercise. It doesn’t matter. There will always be a card available that will carry these energies. You might like to do the exercise across multiple decks and see which card pops up according to the relationship you have with the deck. Is it the same card or a different one? Is it just one card that comes to you are are there two or more that seem to work? Explore!):

  • Which card represents your own internal home? It might be the one that, when it turns up, it feels nurturing, like it is giving you a big, warm hug.
  • Which card provides you with a flash of initiation into something new?
  • Which card feels like a fertile planting ground for a new seed?
  • Which card feels as if it is a guide for you through emotional storms or darkness?

PRACTICALLY SPIRITUAL: Here is a suggestion for grounding this information into a practical way of working with it over the next two weeks until the upcoming New Moon!

After finding your card you may wish to:

Create a small garden tableau. Go out and find some rocks and small plants. Fill a container of your choosing with fresh potting soil if you like or just use a small plate as a representative of a garden. It can look like a landscape or be abstract in its appearance. Leave a space in the center of your creation.

Collect some seeds and/or roots. These will represent your new intentions. Spend time with each seed and root and hold it in your hand as you imagine yourself putting the energy of your new intentions into each item. Journal about the intention – where you see it going in the future. When you are done, place each seed/root into the center of the tableau. If you are using a container with soil, plant the seed and stick the root deep down into the soil grounding them. If you have seeds, give them water.

Set up your card(s) in such a way that they appear to be the guardian(s) of your newly planted seeds. As if they are watching over them day and night, protecting them against any unforeseen circumstances. See them as lending great nurturing energy toward healthy growth of that which is newly formed and yet to sprout.

Over the next two weeks journal daily about how you feel the seeds and roots are doing with the energy. Is it staying in the root or seed? Is it starting to expand? Where is the energy going? Is it warm or cool? Anything that comes to mind. Do this until the full moon July 16, 2019. This will ground and fully set the intentions you have created.

I hope this has been insightful and helpful in working with this energy. Above all, be kind with yourself over these next two weeks. I look forward to sharing more with you on the full moon.

Be well, be happy. Namaste.

TAROT: Reading Reversed Cards – What to Do?

I began my journey with tarot back in the late 1970’s. At that time everyone in the circle of friends I hung out with read reversed cards. That’s just how it was done.

At some point in the mid-1980’s there was a sudden shift. It seemed to coincide with the advent of introducing the tarot as more of a self-help tool through different psychological systems such as Jungian analysis or the humanistic psychology approach. Given this method of reading people eschewed reversed meanings as being “too negative” for most of the cards. The thinking was that the negative meaning of a card is always implied as equally as the positive meaning.

Yet, when I actually worked with the “Non-Reversers” they seemed to still read the cards that were already leaning into the darker meanings in the upright position (for instance, The Devil) with more negative meanings. They weren’t suddenly pulling out the more positive, reversed meaning that would be inherent in this card. This was very puzzling to me.

The group of Non-Reversers was actually pretty small at the time. Maybe twenty-five percent of those in my group were beginning to look at readings in this new way. But, for the rest, there was never a question about using the cards in reverse.

I set aside the tarot for a number of years and have just recently returned to using it. I have become involved with an online group now and have benefited from this AMAZING new format of having international readers to share thoughts, opinions and, of course, new decks with!!

I took a poll about reading reversals at the beginning of this month. The results floored me! Here is what I received by numbers:

  • 99 people responded that they never use reversals in their readings
  • 52 people said that they occasionally do reading with reversals depending on the deck or client
  • 16 people said they always use reversals with every deck for every reading.

This is almost a 180 degree shift from where I started back in the 80’s with sixty percent of people now responding stating that they never use reversals.

Several people shared their thoughts in the comments and this provided a lot of grist for the mill.

A number of people shared that they didn’t feel the need to used reversed cards as they felt that other cards in the reading would provide information about whether or not that card should be read with it’s reversed meaning as being more prominent. I interpret this as being a holistic reading style and feels a bit oracular to me.

Some people indicated that they always read cards upright but that should a card fly out of the deck and present itself reversed they will pay attention to it and use it in that reversed position feeling that this was a particular message about the meaning of that card in the reading regardless of placement and the other cards that were around it.

And clearly there are those that simply use the reversed cards as reversed although it is a very small minority. Of course, I absolutely would recommend to new readers that they physically allow their cards to be reversed and read them as such until such time as they are completely familiar with doing readings and with their decks. It is a solid and time honoured way to learn.

One person provided the insight that even though she is a skilled reader she continues to use reversed cards in order to help counteract any interpretation bias in her readings. This was very thought provoking for me. How often do we start to have such intimate familiarity with a deck that perhaps we start interpreting what we think we are seeing rather than what is really being mirrored to us? Maybe we are having a bad, bad day and really don’t want to hear a strong message about the fact that we need to sit down and work on taking responsibility for our part in the drama so we subtly read into the cards more about what is wrong with the external situation than what is internally being asked of us? Maybe we think to ourselves, “Well, this deck is always tells me about the best in me and positive opportunities so it must mean (X) because it would never suggest (Y.)”

I think that the culture around tarot is now vastly different from my early days of learning. And it should be. This is clearly evidenced by the mind blowing number and types of decks out there! It seems that the early days of self-help styles of working with the tarot have become the norm with strong emphasis on personal growth and deep dives into the nature of our psyche. I love the diversity of reading styles which speak to great creativity and awareness.

Tarot should be a living, evolving tool for both study and learning. I am delighted to have stepped away only to return and find such a plethora of new and interesting ways of approaching this sacred art.

What are your thoughts, friends?

As ever, be well, be happy. Namaste.