Astro-Tarot Moons: Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17, 2019

Welcome to the full moon in Sagittarius! As with every full moon, we have a completion energy and the potential for something to be brightly illuminated and revealed which might have not been seen clearly, or at all, in the past. Overall, full moons are active times and we can be quite busy.

Before we go further please remember that you can use any deck you like for this exercise. It doesn’t matter. There will always be a card available that will carry these energies. You might like to do the exercise across multiple decks and see which card pops up according to the relationship you have with the deck. Is it the same card or a different one? Is it just one card that comes to you are are there two or more that seem to work? Explore!

This full moon is all about how we learn and the fruits of our learning. It deals with how we got to know what we know. It is blending the two types of learning that we do as we progress from our childhood into our adult lives.

PLANET: MOON – First, we have “Moon learning.” This encompasses the way we learn throughout our childhood and adolescence – with our heart. We don’t have the intellectual capacities to sort out the rationality about life. We lead with our hearts, guided by our emotions often simply reacting and then having to deal with consequences of our actions with no real capacity to reflect before we react again. (The moon rules the sign of Cancer so this sign correlates to this type of learning as well.)

SIGN: SAGITTARIUS- Secondly, we have “Sagittarius learning.” Sagittarius rules the institutions of learning: schools (including online schools and classes), universities, and religious institutions. (In Medieval times the only place to get a formal education was to enter the church.) This is learning that involves the intellect. It is what allows us to move through and around our emotional experiences letting our more rational thinking filter down to our emotions and help sort things out. It is also the sign that deals with the “laws” of nature and people. It is not about how laws are enforced, but rather about how laws are created out of experiences. This is both societal and personal. It rules how we personally set up and work with our personal ethics – the personal laws we choose to live by.

So right away we can see that we have a fabulous full moon that shines brilliant light on the current state of how we are doing with blending both systems. If you are currently a student you will get a big boost from this energy for any tests or term projects you are having to complete. Even if you aren’t a student you might just get a HUGE “Ah-Ha!” moment about something that you have been mulling over and trying to understand! All readings, whether tarot, Lenormand, or with any other oracle will most likely be very clear with little ambiguity.

PLANET: JUPITER IN ITS SIGN – Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Because of it’s girth Jupiter provides an expansiveness to our lives. It lives large and provides a flavour of optimism to our world – definitely the planet that runs around wearing rose coloured glasses! It provides us with our sense of humour and lightness of being. Sometimes this can get a bit out of hand and the expansion keeps growing and we get a bit in over our heads forgetting to sober up! We may not be able to keep boundaries as well as we should. We don’t just love a few people, we feel like we love the WHOLE WORLD! While there is nothing wrong with this Jupiter sometimes goes overboard leading us to overindulgence in our actions and thinking. It needs to remember it’s boundaries in order play safely.

Now lets add on a couple of more ingredients to this recipe.

ELEMENTS: Elements are easily understood by anyone with familiarity with the tarot. Elementally we have water for the Moon and fire for Sagittarius. When these elements are balanced they are respectful of each other. But they aren’t very compatible as fire wants to move and do and water wants to just let it flow, man! The fiery mind should know that if it burns through too much fuel (too much mental stimulation and overthinking) it will get burn too hot and the water (our ability to be empathic and intuitive) will bubble and toil uncomfortably and it can evaporate leaving us feeling arid! Likewise, the water should know that if it lets loose a dam of emotional activity (being irrational and emotionally reactive) it will put out that fire. At the very least the imbalance could create a lot of steam fogging up those rose coloured glasses and our vision will become impaired. So it is good to watch the balance of expansiveness thinking, learning and exuberance with our emotional needs and motivations.

FINAL PIECES: When we learn what we need to learn about life and develop our intellectual abilities enough to both formulate our code of ethics and develop greater understanding about all areas of life we learn better how to trust. In our wisest capacity we learn the art of discrimination. This helps us tame our Jupiter excitement so that we don’t lose the ability to trust not only others but, most importantly, ourselves and the choices we are making. One caveat: although I mentioned the institutions of religion being connected with Sagittarius, Sagittarius does not dabble in the realm of Faith. This realm belongs to a different sign. Sagittarius is about trust that comes from living our lives in a day to day way with our real people experiences.

OK! Let’s sort out our ingredients!

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: Exuberance, optimism, discrimination, trust. Education, learning, completion, illumination, expansion, optimism, personal ethics.

Using these ingredients here are some questions that might speak to you about finding a card for this moon time. You can pick one question to answer or maybe you can use more than one to deepen the intuitive sense of which card will work for you:

  • Which card represents your own internal teacher? The one that helps your blend your emotional learning and your external learning?
  • Which card provides you with illuminating and insightful understanding?
  • Which card teaches you about trusting your emotional philosophy?

PRACTICALLY SPIRITUAL: Here is a suggestion for grounding this information into a practical way of working with it over the next two weeks until the upcoming New Moon!

After finding your card you may wish to:

Have a chat with your card over tea! Pretend you are asking a dear mentor about one of the topics in the ingredient list that you might want to know more about. For instance, you might ask, “How will you best help me work with optimism?” Or, maybe just, “What are you illuminating for me with regard to learning about ____ (optimism, personal ethics, trust?) You may want to do several chats and pick a new topic for each chat. Journal your answers if you wish. One thing that is important: do these interviews during daylight hours to honour the element of illumination. Working in the dark is best left for new moon interviews.

We’re done! I hope that this has helped in your understanding of how to work with this lovely Full Moon in Sagittarius! I always welcome feedback and suggestions for how to improve your experience here on my blog.

Be well, be happy. Namaste.