So what do I mean when I refer to “real people?”

In the world of spiritual practice we find many types of people: the gurus, the devotees, those who do groups, those who are alone. But what I have found in my experience of living has been that when you add the spiritual component into someone’s life we can tend to suddenly become….well, spiritual.

Let me explain.

As with anything we identify with we can choose to consider that identification as a part of our selves or we can let that identification take over and become the whole of ourselves. Soooo easy, in the New Age times for the latter to become a predominate motivator.

And there it is…that saying that everyone thinks is super groovy: “We are not humans having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. “

This saying has gotten a LOT of air time within lots of spiritual groups. The problem is, it is kind of misleading.

In essence, we are both. And to walk around pretending that we are only spiritual beings sent here to have the human experience has led many down the path of the world of dualistic thinking….spiritual being good, human bad.

We have to be able to look at our lives from both sides with equal measure and equal appreciation.

We can view our human life through the eyes of our spiritual work and see our actions and those of others with a wider perspective. Meditation and tarot work have been two ways that this have helped me.

But we cannot stay up in the aethers, no matter how many robes someone wears, dreadlocks they have, or ashrams they have lived in. I pursued a monastic vocation as a Buddhist monk for four years. I lived in a cloistered Abbey and spent hours in meditation. The only people I ever saw were humans wearing robes. Trouble came swiftly to anyone who tried to make themselves appear too “holy.” Sooner or later, their human nature arises and they must come back down to deal with it.

And that’s when it get real. And they become “real people.”

So that is who my intended audience is….you. A real person. With real lives, real struggles, real joys. Someone who is just as comfortable to reach into the realms of spiritual practice and feel the numinous bliss and divine joy it can provide as they are grateful to revel in that first sip of coffee as the sun breaks into morning or to make it through the night after deep heartbreak knowing that these are divine opportunities, too.

So, let’s get real and keep it real and really go for it!