ASTRO-TAROT MOONS: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2, 2019

Well met, friends, on this extremely powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer! This blog will be a bit longer because of the multi-layered aspects we are dealing with. There will be a bit more astrology involved, but we will get to the tarot in the end. Hold on to your hats, folks!

This being a new moon we start our journey by recognizing the overall energy of initiation, seed planting, and all NEW beginnings.

PLANET: MOON, SIGN: CANCER – This particular new moon finds the planet, the moon, and the sign, Cancer, being strong and in the greatest harmony as Cancer is ruled by the moon! So the new energies will be about everything Cancerian: our emotional body, our sense of home both within ourselves and our external home, our family (especially our mother,) our roots.

Because this is a new, or “dark,” moon, we are really looking at the internal aspects of Cancer. So, we may be feeling very emotional with this moon, maybe a little “crabbish.” We will definitely be focusing on looking at how we have been emotionally reactive or interactive with ourselves and our lives. Are we experiencing more mood swings about ourselves – one minute positive, the next more negative? How are we doing with actually feeling engaged with our lives?

We will also be looking at our sense of home and the aspect of nurturing in our lives. This can quite literally be about how we feel about our physical home and how we experience the feedback about where we live and the things we have surrounded ourselves with as an outward expression of our idea of what nurtures us and makes us feel protected and safe when we float through the door. We could be suddenly very critical of our home and the people whom we live with if we are experiencing changes within about what we need to feel rooted in our lives. It may lead you to consider that you need to move, but do take some time to consider whether this motivation is being fueled by wanting to make a change in your external world to fix an internal issue. You can always move, but if that internal issue isn’t addressed you will simply take it with you to the next physical location and nothing will be resolved on a permanent basis.

If our emotional world is feeling extremely tender and raw fueled by the need to change and create new ways of being we can feel too vulnerable to be out and about and simply want to be a hermit and crawl into the darkest recesses of our cave and crawl under a blanket. Honour this need! You may need a LOT more rest, a lot more quiet time to yourself. Take whatever plans you can off your calendar. There are new seeds of inspiration that need your full attention as you will be planting them in extremely fertile soil right now. These roots will go deep so you must be clear in your intentions.

ELEMENTS: With the moon in it’s home sign of Cancer there is so much water everywhere! As I mentioned earlier, you could be feeling very emotional right now. You could also suddenly be feeling new emotions you have not had before, most likely about your personal life. There is also the strong potential to be unable to hold your boundaries and that watery emotional expression could flood the banks and spill out into all the areas of your life.

Every new moon feels the heat of the sun as it gets up close and personal but usually the energy is more steamy than anything else. Due to the solar eclipse the moon is exerting great power so this could also tend to feel like a boiling bath!

SOLAR ECLIPSE: As with every solar eclipse this brings incredible power to the energy of the moon. The moon actually blocks the sun! We think of the sun as being the source of great power but with solar eclipses the moon holds all the cards blocking the life force of the sun and short-circuiting the solar energies and adding to the emotional turmoil. As I mentioned above, the moon is kissing the sun and the heat of that sun may leave us emotionally and physically parched. Please take care to drink plenty of water.

FINAL PIECES: With this new moon we have incredible opportunities to dig deep and set new seed intentions for ourselves about how we will move forward with greater in our emotional guidance system and making sure that we are feeling adequately nurtured. Perhaps we will break free from some situation involving our current family constellation which no longer serves to support in order to embrace the movement toward finding a family of choice.

One very interesting example which has happened over the past couple of days has occurred on a couple of YouTube channels that I frequent. The channels are part of an online tarot community and within the past couple of weeks the creators seemed to have several people come online during live chats and challenge to them regarding their level of inclusiveness within the community. There were accusations about the owners of only accepting some people into their sphere with a lot of qlique-type behaviour demonstrated.

Both of the channel owners did their best to address this, expressing that the only thing they have tried to do from the start was create a community, not qliques. However, as the days progressed and many other viewers also began to express dissatisfaction and the feeling of being excluded things went south very quickly. The result is that both of the owners of these channels have let the community know that they will be shutting down their live chats and probably all video content for a bit. They are feeling very misunderstood and attacked and they felt this was a way to step back and give themselves a break and let things die down – especially because it was so emotionally exhausting and sad for them. So, they are retreating into their respective caves to contemplate. This is a very strong example of one expression of this new moon profile.

This new moon solar eclipse also heralds the last six months of this decade lending even greater weight to it’s presence. The energies are building quickly toward a very big astrological event in January 2020, the exact Pluto/Saturn conjunction. (I will create a separate blog about this later.) Suffice to say, we may be feeling very big movements within and are ready to create new changes that will be life affirming and bold in these next six months. It is vital to sit down and write out your affirmations and set intentions for these next six months during this new moon. The seeds of these intentions are right here, right now!

OK! Let’s sort out our ingredients!

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: Contemplation, deep emotions, family, inner home, new intention setting, safety, devotion, attachments, emotional guidance system.

SPREAD: Here is a three card spread that might help in clarifying the energies with this moon:

  1. What is important for me to know about my emotions and my inner home?
  2. What is important for me to know about setting intentions with this new moon?
  3. What action(s) can I take during the next two weeks to give roots and growth to my new intentions?

FINDING YOUR NEW MOON CARD: Now, using the ingredients here are some questions that might speak to you about finding a card for this moon time. You can pick one question to answer or maybe you can use more than one to deepen the intuitive sense of which card will work for you (Please remember that you can use any deck you like for this exercise. It doesn’t matter. There will always be a card available that will carry these energies. You might like to do the exercise across multiple decks and see which card pops up according to the relationship you have with the deck. Is it the same card or a different one? Is it just one card that comes to you are are there two or more that seem to work? Explore!):

  • Which card represents your own internal home? It might be the one that, when it turns up, it feels nurturing, like it is giving you a big, warm hug.
  • Which card provides you with a flash of initiation into something new?
  • Which card feels like a fertile planting ground for a new seed?
  • Which card feels as if it is a guide for you through emotional storms or darkness?

PRACTICALLY SPIRITUAL: Here is a suggestion for grounding this information into a practical way of working with it over the next two weeks until the upcoming New Moon!

After finding your card you may wish to:

Create a small garden tableau. Go out and find some rocks and small plants. Fill a container of your choosing with fresh potting soil if you like or just use a small plate as a representative of a garden. It can look like a landscape or be abstract in its appearance. Leave a space in the center of your creation.

Collect some seeds and/or roots. These will represent your new intentions. Spend time with each seed and root and hold it in your hand as you imagine yourself putting the energy of your new intentions into each item. Journal about the intention – where you see it going in the future. When you are done, place each seed/root into the center of the tableau. If you are using a container with soil, plant the seed and stick the root deep down into the soil grounding them. If you have seeds, give them water.

Set up your card(s) in such a way that they appear to be the guardian(s) of your newly planted seeds. As if they are watching over them day and night, protecting them against any unforeseen circumstances. See them as lending great nurturing energy toward healthy growth of that which is newly formed and yet to sprout.

Over the next two weeks journal daily about how you feel the seeds and roots are doing with the energy. Is it staying in the root or seed? Is it starting to expand? Where is the energy going? Is it warm or cool? Anything that comes to mind. Do this until the full moon July 16, 2019. This will ground and fully set the intentions you have created.

I hope this has been insightful and helpful in working with this energy. Above all, be kind with yourself over these next two weeks. I look forward to sharing more with you on the full moon.

Be well, be happy. Namaste.