ASTRO-TAROT: Full Moon at 20 Degrees Aries. Sunday, October 13, 2019, 2:07 P.M. PST. Feat. T-Square to Pluto in Capricorn

The energy of this full moon is ushering us into the final quarter of this decade. To put it very bluntly, shit is about to get very real here at the close of business. We are blending elements from two of the most seminal and initiatory signs of the zodiac (Aries and Libra) with the planet that rules irreparable transformation (Pluto) in the sign of foundational realities (Capricorn.)

Let’s break it all down and see where we are headed.

First, we have the full moon which brings us the opposition of the moon in Aries and the sun in Libra. Aries and Libra are cardinal signs. This means that they inherently hold the power of the new within them. When we feel excited, exhilarated and full of promise and energy we are entering the realm of the cardinal signs. (We actually have five planets at this time in cardinal signs so there is a lot of support for feeling excited about new things.)

However, we have to be reminded that this is a full moon and the inherent energy of a full moon is one of completion. This is usually a time where projects are wrapped up either in a particular stage of a project or the project in its entirety. So we might feel a bit constrained as we are being asked to finish something at the same time we are floating in all the cardinal energy.

Full moons also reveal and shed light on things that may have been unknown to us or that we have had some confusion around for a while. We will look very closely at this aspect when we look at the T-square to Pluto and what may arise not only within our own chart but globally.

SIGN: ARIES – Aries rules the first house and is the pure potential which springs forth from us just after our moment of birth. It is that first lusty crying out as our unadulterated senses expose the reality of where we have landed – earth school is loud, bright, cold, rough. We are assaulted and we make it known that we are NOT a happy camper and we want something to change and change NOW! Aries wants to go and do and be and explore. However, on it’s own it doesn’t have the patience to harness the discipline needed to see their adventures through to the end.

Ruled by the planet Mars there is also the potential for warrior and war-like energy to exude. Anger can be the fuel creating discord and discontent. Aries fights to secure it’s sense of self identity and to express the ego, not always diplomatically.

The moon is here and is not always comfortable in this extroverted, initiatory, and exploratory sign. It just wants to hang at home rather than hang on a glider hundreds of feet above the earth!

SIGN: LIBRA – Libra is the first sign we encounter when we make the transition from childhood into adulthood. Libra shifts our focus of reflection about ourselves from our families and closest friends to the larger world. In a sense, when we enter the realm of Libra we are learning to individuate from the family sphere and can invent ourselves according to the reflections we receive from people we now encounter “out there.” Teachers, classmates, close friends, co-workers. These are the people with whom we can try on new masks and try out new ideas with in order to find out where we fit in and what we feel works for us as a persona.

Libra is ruled by Venus and is very invested in harmonious conditions. This can lead to going along to get along and Librans can get lost in the moment and become submissive to the others very quickly. However, they are also quite persuasive and can turn the moment to their favor. The Sun being in Libra shines light on the wish for harmony at this time.

T-SQUARE: So what is this T-square formation? It is when two planets who are opposing each other (in this case the sun and moon) are also forming a 90 degree angle individually to another planet (in this case Pluto.) When you look at it in a chart it will look like a triangle with the base being the two planets opposing and the other two lines being drawn to the additional planet with forms an apex.

How do T-squares function? The planet at the apex of the triangle is sending the energy downward, exerting a pressure upon the other two planets. So, we need to look, now, at what energies Pluto in Capricorn is exerting on the sun and moon.

PLUTO: Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld in our western mythology. He is Hades and rules all things that lurk beneath us in our inner world. The energy is profound and can be disconcerting and uncomfortable. We do not want to deal with those dark places within us. However, let’s look a little deeper.

To understand Pluto (Hades) it is worthwhile to cast a quick glance at the myth of Hades and Persephone.

Persephone is a beautiful, young and innocent woman, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She plays in nature with her friends and one day Hades sees her and becomes obsessed by her. He hatches a plan to steal her and take her to his realm in the Underworld. When he does so she is, at first, horrified. She was a maiden and he then marries her and transforms her into a woman. He takes it one step further and makes her Queen of the Underworld. Eventually, Persephone embodies this new role fully and is very happy to be this beautiful, powerful Queen. Persephone is taken out from under the protective and restrictive wing of her mother and, instead, is recognized and transformed by Hades for the autonomous, powerful and queenly woman she truly is.

So, when we experience a severe Pluto transit, especially when it is hitting into the very personal planets of Venus and Mars, we can consider how Pluto is creating a new place for us to step into the regal, responsible, stripped-of-youthful-ignorance being we are in essence and ascend the throne of our underworld. This is his greatest power and his greatest gift offered to us. It is on us to understand the depth of this transformation because what is transformed is done so forever. But if we can understand the end game, what we are being asked to become, we can embrace the darkness.

CAPRICORN: With Capricorn we are dealing with structures, solidity, control, boundaries, how laws are enforced through power. When very personal planets like the Sun and Moon are being pulled into the sphere of Capricorn it is always highlighting our personal power.

So, let’s pull this all together.

We have the Sun and Moon in Aries and Libra which speaks to initiatory energies within our self and with others. This can feel really wonderful at first because both of these energies revel in newness given that these are cardinal signs. However, since we are balancing the wants and needs of the self with the wants and needs of others we are on a see-saw and can become frustrated. This can lead to impulsiveness and possibly using anger and tantrums as a means of dealing with our frustrations on the one hand, or submissiveness leading to a simmering anger turned within when we don’t get what we want.

With the T-Square from Pluto he is exerting pressure on both the sun and moon to give up the childish ideals and take a step toward claiming our rightful place in our world. Step up and take on the regal aspects of these two energies.

For Aries, it is the initiatory energy of fire and provides true passion and zeal to inspire others toward taking action. A King or Queen provides the inspiration not through wielding their egos and forcing people to see things their way but through making each person they meet feel like they are part of the plan, integral to the cause, and vital to the movement.

With Libra a King or Queen’s power is connecting one on one with those around us and offering them ways to feel loved and beautiful without imposing our own sense of what that might look like for them. It is giving permission to others to find the beautiful for themselves and that is a very powerful gift that we can extend to anyone.

In embracing these ways of inspiring and encouraging others we embody our true regal natures that are secure and full of true power.


For this Full Moon find the King or Queen card that you feel most aligned with and use this card in daily meditation for the next two weeks. Ask questions of it as your days go by and situations arise. Are the kids driving you crazy? Ask your King, “What is the most regal way to deal with my children?” Same for anything that brings you to a dark place of the emotions of anger, hatred, depression, fear. Ask that Queen to help you find your way toward a higher path for the good of yourself and others.

On a more playful note, buy or make a crown and, when you are feeling particularly out of control, stick that puppy on your head and look at yourself in the mirror. See if this image of yourself in a royal form helps to change the attitude from child to Ruler of your Realm.

As ever, may you have a wonderful two weeks working with this energy.



This is a rare and extremely powerful full moon. The fact that the Moon is conjoining the planet Neptune is it’s own sign of Pisces, and that we have a conjunction of the Sun with Mars opposite just doesn’t come along very often and it is worthwhile to sit up and take notice. Because of the complexity of energies this post is a bit involved but I have done my best to untangle. Please feel free to send along any questions you may have. So let’s begin!!


Generally, in any full moon, we are actually, physically able to see the Moon because the Sun is directly across from it, shining it’s light on the Moon. Though the Moon carries no light of its own we still consider it a luminary. It is not a shining light (outward energy), but a reflective light (inward energy.) So this is why we associate full moons with culminations…we have watched ideas and projects grow to a point of it unfolding in fullness in some way, either because it is complete or because a phase of it has completed and we are now able to revise and restructure to start a new phase at the new moon upcoming.

However, this particular full moon is functioning very differently for two reasons. Both the Sun and the Moon are being hugged by two other planets. The Sun is conjunct Mars in Virgo and the Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. How is this affecting us?

Let’s look at the Moon first. In this case the elliptic of the full Moon is actually making it go behind Neptune. Whilst the moon often connects with Neptune to have it do so at the same degree that it is full is a very rare occurrence. While we don’t experience a difference in the way the moon looks it is still what is happening in the sky. So, effectively, the forces of Neptune are blocking that illuminating quality that a full moon usually has on a material level. Neptune and Pisces will always invite us to go on a very deep dive to the depths of our psychic realm. Since the Moon is also a planet working on our emotional body we could find ourselves feeling profoundly emotional which may manifest as a great deal of confusion, feeling underwater, and feeling overwhelmed. Nothing may seem clearly illuminated at all. You may even find yourself in what the Christian mystics referred to this experience as the Dark Night of the Soul. While not a comfortable place to be it is a rich and fertile time for letting go of what we thought we knew about our lives and about ourselves and surrendering to whatever it is that you consider to be the Divine. More about this in a moment.

Now let’s turn toward the Sun and Mars. Mars is the planet of action! It rules our physical bodies which is our vehicle for getting things we need to do done. The new moon two weeks ago found us with a stellium of planets, including Mars, in Virgo and it was all about organizing and dealing with a multitude of details. We got a huge burst of energy to take care of our projects and you may have felt invigorated to work on things you had set aside a while back. Did you purge and clean your office or computer? Did you finally get to that home improvement project that has been on the back burner? Mars is a motivator.

But most of the stellium has moved on. Mars, however, is still hanging out in a conjunction with the Sun. It is so close to the Sun that it is in a configuration known as “combust.” This energy manifests exactly as it sounds…when a planet is combust the Sun it is burned in the cauldron of fire. Therefore, the energy of the planet combust is dissipated until it moves out of the orbit of the Sun. So now, two weeks after all that go, go, go, you may be wondering, “Hey! Why am I suddenly feeling so wiped out? Where did all that motivation and energy suddenly go?” You might now be looking at a pile of things you started to take care of with great gusto two weeks ago but now you can barely figure out how to continue on, or even what your goal was in the first place!

Because of these two mitigating factors we find ourselves disoriented. It is as if we were in car cruising along and suddenly the car hit the brakes…really, like, WE did not hit those braked, but the car itself did! Not only have we suddenly come to a screeching halt we can’t figure out why or how!

There is really nothing we can do about the momentum at this time. We simply need to ride this one out the best way we know how. Surrender the need to do and bow to the need to simply be right now. We might be feeling incredibly tired all of a sudden and feel the need for a lot of extra rest. That is exactly the antidote for all of this powerful energy. Rest, restore, renew. Turn your energies toward your spiritual practice in whatever quiet way works for you. Meditation is really supported right now.


The element of water on this full moon is very strong. In the tarot this is the quintessential energy we get with the High Priestess card. When the Moon goes behind Jupiter it is going behind the veil of the Priestess. That is why, in the Rider Waite Smith deck, if you look closely you will see that behind her is a body of water (as is the bottom of her robe.)

So let’s talk water. We have three water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, Scorpio the second, and finally Pisces.

As we move around the zodiac from the first house to the 12th all the planets and signs mature. The first sign of any element can be considered the youngest energy of that element, the second is more a young adult just arriving out of their teen years and the final sign is a matured aspect with adult outlooks.

Let’s look at those three signs in this context. Cancer is childlike water. It is full of primary emotions, that we experience as children. We express it when we feel it and we don’t care, really, who is watching. We feel what we feel.. Happy? We laugh. Angry? We yell or pout. Loving? We go right in for that big kiss! While Cancer water is not particularly sophisticated it is very authentic because it is right out there for all to see.

Moving to Scorpio water we are now in the eighth house of others. Here we find that we internalize our feelings first and then kind of check it out with other people in our sphere to see if we dare express it, or if we share it, or if we just keep it hidden. In many ways, we do not trust those feelings unless someone is mirroring for us whether or not we should consider them valid. This is a very rocky and, in our teen years, it is a form of madness!

But when we finally dive into the waters of Pisces we are in a mature ocean and here we crave solitude and deep diving. Pisces water is the water of the depths and we are not tossed around by it. But we can become very confused if we go deeper than we are ready for, being unprepared on how to navigate the darkness. So here we find the waters of dreams, visions, longings of the soul, the dark night of the soul. We can reach these depths in moments of deepest devotion or by utilizing a substance to help us drown. In Pisces water we can find the sublime or the deepest pyschosis.

So here we have the moon being veiled by this incredibly deep need for quiet. A rest for the soul. A darkened room lit by a single candle. We may find our dream world incredibly active on either side of this full moon. Pay full attention to what images emerge right now and see how they speak to you. You may get a very clear message about something that you have been visioning for yourself for the past six months or so.


We covered the earth element in our last new moon blog so I won’t expand on it here. However, because of the strong, strong water energy right now it is safe to say that we may internally be feeling underwater or flooded emotionally. We might be storing more water in our bodies (Mars) and feel bloated and heavy. Our minds may feel foggy and we might be a bit more forgetful as the element of fire and water combine and create steam and mist. While it may seem counter-intuitive to suggest this, it is going to be important to physically drink more water

INGREDIENTS: Dreams, intuition, plans on hold, confusion, exhaustion, meditation, feeling foggy, spiritual deep dives.


This is a truly beautiful time to explore our deep psychic abilities and receive messages from the depths more easily than when we are engaged in the daily living of our lives. Here is a very powerful yet simple exercise to guide you.

Candle Gazing with the High Priestess:

I invite you to do the practice of Trataka tonight, as close to the exact full moon time as possible. (This will be 9:32PM Pacific on September 13, 12:32AM September 14 Eastern.) This practice of candle gazing will bring together the darkness that the moon is experiencing as it dives into the depths of Pisces and the light of the Sun and Mars combust. It will help to illuminate the intuitive perception about what needs to be known during this exceptional moment.

For instructions about Trataka and how to set up a space for it I like the simple explanation provided in this article:

The extra piece is to get out a High Priestess card from whichever deck you wish according to the image that speaks most deeply to you at this time. Place the card directly behind the candle so that her image will be there as you gaze into the flame. You will not see her image clearly, but slightly out of focus, as if you are gazing into a shallow bowl of water and she is there at the bottom. See what messages she may have for you, or what feelings come up when you are in her presence.

As ever, dear friends, may you harness all the magic that surrounds you and live fully and deeply.



Break free, dance, explore, make beauty and/or take a walk on the wild side! Welcome to your Full Moon in Aquarius breakdown! This full moon makes an opposition to Venus in heart warming Leo so there may be a slight bump in the road or a breakthrough in your understanding about the need for love and the need for authenticity.

PLANET: MOON – As ever we have our moon, center of all things emotional and nurturing. The planet that speaks to our sense of home, safety, family.

This being a full moon, as it stands for all full moons, there is the base energy of culminations, completions, and the fruition of ideas and events in our life.

SIGN: AQUARIUS; PLANET URANUS – This full moon is in the sign of Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus .

Aquarius has earned its reputation as a quick moving, eclectic and impulsive sign. It rules communities but on a deeper level it really speaks to identity as an individual amongst the others of our tribe. People with strong Aquarian patterns in their charts often find that they long to find their people but just can’t seem to do groups so they are often left feeling very alone. This doesn’t bother them for long because they also have a strong individuation and may also find themselves loners but happy to be so. They would prefer to be alone and authentic with their lives than be in a group of people that they perceive as shallow and wasting their precious time. So this full moon may find you highlighting your place in the groups you currently travel in and you may be reviewing whether or not you want to continue to be included. Taking a time out and being the outsider is OK.

Aquarius rules electricity and therefore rules the flow of information….not necessarily how things get communicated, but rather, how the communications are moved through entities like the Internet, the mail system, courier systems. In computer terms, it rules the processors. How are you processing the information you receive? How are you moving information from one place to the other? In practical terms, what is your process for storing and retaining information? Is it time to clear space on your hard drive, both the one on your desk but also the one in your head? Maybe you have been pursuing a course of study and it’s just time to walk away and clear the decks to simplify and clarify your ability to handle your life.

PLANET: VENUS, SIGN: LEO IN OPPOSITION – I put the planet and sign together because they are so harmonious right now talking about them separately would be redundant!

Venus is Venus so we are looking at all things Venusian highlighted in this opposition: love, romance, worth (both self and monetary), beauty.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and highlights where we feel gooooood! Like, really good. Leo is represented by a lion so you can imagine a big, golden lion on a warm summer day, rolling and rolling in soft green grass.

Leo is heart energy so paired with Venus’ emphasis on love and romance you are getting the picture. This pairing is about the things and people we love on all fronts. The ones that make our hearts fill and expand to bursting like a glorious sun.

Leo also speaks to our egos. The ego itself is not a bad thing. It is what provides us enough of a sense of identity that we are able to utilize our higher cognition in order to explore our place in this world, at this moment in time.

The full moon in Aquarius opposing Venus right now means that whilst we are reveling amongst the flowers and good times it could be very easy for our egos to swell along with our hearts. With Aquarius’ emphasis on authenticity the Leonian ego may bristle under the gaze of this light and bluster around, puffing itself up and trying to paint itself a little brighter than is the truth.

Conversely, the Aquarian energy may bristle under the playful cavorting gaze of Leo, calling it to join in the dance! Maybe it’s time to consider a little loosening up and playing a bit more even if that doesn’t feel entirely “you.” Adding a little more joy may end up feeling so good that you may reconsider and start to explore things doing arts of some kind, dancing, yoga, or even just going out to a comedy club. It also might include doing some re-design of your interior spaces, adding something new and beautiful.

ELEMENTS: The Moon is a water planet, Uranus (Aquarius) is an air planet, Venus is an earth planet, and Leo is ruled by the Sun which is a fire planet. Wow!! All the elements are present here. So, on the whole, elementally we are really getting a lot of opportunity for balance with this full moon. The opposition may simply be asking you to look at where you are just slightly out of kilter in your thinking (air,) emotions (water), spiritual pursuits (fire), and/or material manifestations like your work (earth.) Lots of opportunity to reflect in a quiet way.

FINAL PIECES: Overall, this is a really balanced and solid full moon. Aquarius might throw a monkey wrench into your life. It’s always best to expect the unexpected with Aquarius, although whatever is revealed is most likely not going to be too big a shock and you will get some time to really focus on where you are in living an authentic life with yourself as well as the groups you identify with. It will also be a great time to see if you need to step back from some activities that might be stressing your inner processor (brain) to the point of headaches or increased forgetfulness.

If Venus pokes at you a little and runs off with a giggle try not to grump but maybe let loose and run in the grass with your shoes off, even for just a couple of minutes. I personally LOVE going to those sip and paint events. I never, ever thought I would but I get to paint in a group in which we are all “not artists” yet everyone has a wonderful time and everyone ends up with a painting they never expected they would be able to create! One of these events is perfect for this full moon!!

OK! Let’s sort out our ingredients!

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: Authenticity, individuality, your tribe, feeling like a loner, your processing mechanisms, love, warmth, beauty, play, creativity.

With all the elements represented in this full moon I encourage you to do a 5 card elemental spread. The layout is as follows:

  1. Card 1: North, Earth: What is guiding and supporting me in the realm of my material work and possessions?
  2. Card 2: East, Air: What new ideas and ways of thinking are supporting and guiding me?
  3. Card 3: South, Fire: How is my personal power supporting and guiding me?
  4. Card 4: West, Water: How is flow supporting me in the manifestation of my best life?
  5. Card 5: Spirit Within: What message is Divine Guidance offering about my spiritual path?

PRACTICALLY SPIRITUAL: This full moon offers a chance to take actions toward finding your authentic voice and letting it guide you toward making a decision of some kind. If it is regarding the tribe(s) that you have been involved with perhaps the decision to get more involved or to step away. But it could be any decision that is currently on your plate, one that you have been mulling for awhile.

I invite you to explore how you would make that decision with an eye toward your current processing mechanism. How have you made decisions in the past? Lists? Flip a coin? Talk it out with a friend? Whatever has been your mode in the past I would suggest trying something different this time! It may not be comfortable, but when we put ourselves into new ways of making choices we find the places in our thinking that may have been hidden and possibly guiding us in unconscious, possibly unhealthy, ways. Even if that isn’t so, it is still good to use other methods of processing in order to see with new eyes.

I also invite you to create and play and don’t let your lone wolf go off into it’s cave. Let it sit in the sun and bask, listening to the birds, sniffing the breezes. Revel!

May this full moon bring you joy and peace.

Be well, be happy. Namaste.


Raise the drawbridge, fill the moat, and arm the battlements! Welcome to your Full Moon Lunar Eclipse breakdown for July 16th, 2019 at 24 degrees of Capricorn! As with the last new moon blog this blog will be a bit longer because of the multi-layered aspects we are dealing with. There is a significant aspect this full moon makes with the planets Saturn and Pluto and it is well worth covering thoroughly so that you can be prepared for what will be needed to navigate the energies leading up to January 2020.

PLANET: MOON – As ever we have our moon, center of all things emotional and nurturing. The planet that speaks to our sense of home, safety, family.

This being a full moon, as it stands for all full moons, there is the base energy of culminations, completions, and the fruition of ideas and events in our life. Whilst full moons are illuminating and often shed bright light on things missed or hidden or not revealed to us in some way, this lunar eclipse may short-circuit this potential and leave us feeling even a bit more in the dark about events having to do with the energies explained below.

Eight of Pentacles – Rider Waite Smith

SIGN: CAPRICORN; PLANET SATURN – So this full moon is in the sign of Capricorn and Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Additionally, the moon physically is in a conjunction (a really tight hug!) with the actual planet Saturn in the sky. So this full moon is double-dosed with all the Saturn/Capricorn energy it can handle.

Saturn and Capricorn deal with our structures in life, both internal and external and has a great deal to do with the power those institutions and structures enforce.

Externally, there are the institutions that govern the movement of us as individuals and as a society collectively. These include banks, large corporations, governments and the enforcement of societal laws.

On the next level down, on a more personal level, Saturn and Capricorn is all about the way we choose to work in this world. Our jobs, careers, volunteer opportunities. It also simply means that we will be getting down to the grindstone and doing some serious work on all levels.

Internally, it deals with the boundaries placed upon us by rules and laws that were set up to keep us “in order.” Not all rules and boundaries are bad! Some actually keep us safe and provide an understanding of how we function in the world. However, when we run into those that constrict us, or those we sense are there to stifle or potentially harm us, and then begin to internalize these things, we can become very hard and rigid in our thinking and actions with rampant feelings of frustration.

We will potentially see some very overt power plays show up with this lunation. They might come from the outside and we may find ourselves caught in the struggle. For instance, our organization suddenly downsizes and we lose our position in the company, or our job description suddenly is revised in ways we don’t like, or we may lose our job altogether. Alternatively we might experience the power struggles arising from within us. We need to make sure that we have a very clear idea of how we are utilizing power especially if we are in a position of “authority” within our workplace (or any place, really.)

The Tower – Rider Waite Smith

PLANET: PLUTO (ALSO IN CAPRICORN): Pluto is the planet farthest out from the sun in our solar system. It is considered a trans-personal planet (as are Uranus and Neptune.) This means that the influences of Pluto are HUGE and collective. Very rarely do the effects of Pluto actually only work on our little sphere of the universe. When Pluto aspects arise the arise in the collect consciousness and we as a species, a nation, a planet shift and change.

That said, this lunar eclipse full moon is going to give us all a very up close and personal experience of Plutonian themes as the moon is also in conjunction (a tight hug) with Pluto. And Pluto’s themes are the big ones: death, rebirth and transformation. What will pass away for us will be gone for good. There will be no returning to the old ways of expressing ourselves and feeling complacent. We are being tasked with a new birthing, a rising of a magnificent Phoenix and we will need great fortitude. We can shift the pain of this by becoming a willing co-creator of our transformation by consciously recognizing the things that we must let go of in order to move on to the next higher level of our souls. The work we contracted to achieve here on Earth school is far greater than the things that we have allowed to hold us back.

ELEMENTS: The Moon and Pluto are water planets, and Saturn is an earth planet. The type of water expressed by the Moon and Pluto are very different and we will get to that in a moment.

The earthy landscape that Saturn holds for the Moon’s water is one of high, jagged cliffs that lead to tall and impenetrable mountains. Whlist water can, and will with enough time, wear down all stone and rocks, it must, when faced with the earth of Saturn, simply bow and allow itself to surrender to the boundaries of this harsh and solid landscape. Surrendering is not synonymous to giving up or quitting or sitting about in a pity party because we can’t do the things we want to do because someone said so. Maturely surrendering means to relax and acknowledge which things within your sphere of influence you cannot change, and which things you can change…then work on those alone with a peaceful heart.

The water of Pluto is not the water of the moon but is the watery vapors of space. With these waters we feel the shifts and flows that are happening on a collective level. We may see many people around us all experiencing similar themes of dissolution and loss. We will grieve not only for ourselves, but also be in touch with a collective grief. We will cry as a planet for the losses and each other but we will also be there for each other as the new paradigms arise from the ashes.

LUNAR ECLIPSE: As mentioned earlier, the eclipse will cause the moon to once more go into a shadow phase. We will feel diminished, perhaps fearful at this time as things we thought were being revealed to us draw back into shadow leaving us more confused that before. Given the areas covered by Capricorn we may experience large shifts with regard to our workplace or what we do with our job. The level of discomfort we feel may be greater than we anticipate, but the eclipse will pass and in two weeks we will have a new moon in fiery Leo and things may become clearer about why what happened needed to happen. Meanwhile, we may get a glimpse into how to move into the work we came here to do which may not be the job we are currently in. Pay attention to your dreams during this eclipse.

Art by Kenneth Rougeau

FINAL PIECES: On a global level, things are heating up and this eclipse will continue to accelerate the chaos we are currently seeing in our news feeds. The institutions that Saturn and Capricorn rule are undergoing a huge upheaval and the power of many are vying for dominance. Many structures are crumbling before our eyes. The safety we may have felt once with our jobs, our banks, our law enforcement is all shifting leaving us feeling vulnerable and adrift.

This is a perfect time to contemplate and begin to build an inner tower or fortress, a private retreat where the storms can bash all they like, but you will remain safe within. But here is the trick. You must allow the materials you use in the building to be permeable. This allows for information to both come in and also to get out! In this way you can allow for outdated beliefs to leave rather than keep you trapped into ways of thinking that may no longer serve you turning your tower of safety into a prison. Instead, you can actively allow for the transformation to happen by you rather than to you. So, instead of being at the mercy of a transit coming through your life and blasting down the too rigid structure that you have set up leaving you sitting, dazed and confused, in the pile of your own rubble, you take control of the flow of beliefs then you are able to wield the power to stand firm no matter that all else around you is in chaos.

Whilst the external institutions of control and the bounds and boundaries of society, culture, governments and laws may be being blasted away we have the opportunity to establish or fortify our inner self-control and self-discipline.

The materials that will serve you best in your construction or fortification are integrity, transparency, authenticity. You are not building to make an impression on the world. If the world is blowing itself up and is in flames (as in the Tower card) it will not care about you one little bit. But, these will be the character traits that you can fall back on for yourself and know that, no matter what or who comes along and tries to tear you down or blow you up personally, they will have no power over you in this regard.

Finally, watch your timing on things. If you have any doubt about saying or doing a thing right now, step back. This might be difficult for some but it will be essential. You will have an opportunity later.

OK! Let’s sort out our ingredients!

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: power, control of self and others, transformations in the outer, actively creating permanent transformations within, structures (most notably around one’s career), finances (as related to our work), boundaries, surrender, retreat in order to advance, time and timing.

Here is a four card spread that might help in clarifying the energies with this moon:

  1. What situation is exerting power over me which I can not control?
  2. What do you wish to tell me about my own use of power at this time?
  3. What is my greatest strength with which to build the foundation of my internal fortress?
  4. What is one action that I can take to help me transform my inner landscape?


With all the energies provided with this full moon I would suggest finding four cards to meditate upon and use as guides this month.

Using the ingredients above here are the questions to ask: (Please remember that you can use any deck you like for this exercise. It doesn’t matter. There will always be a card available that will carry these energies. You might like to do the exercise across multiple decks and see which card pops up according to the relationship you have with the deck. Is it the same card or a different one? Is it just one card that comes to you are are there two or more that seem to work? Explore!):

  • Which card will provide you guidance about holding your boundaries?
  • Which card will provide guidance about your inner power?
  • Which card will provide you guidance about your inner strength?
  • Which card will guide you through great transformation?

PRACTICALLY SPIRITUAL: With the huge and heavy energy of this full moon there are two ways that would be best to do your work.

First, journal. Write it out. You may actually need to see your thoughts put to words in a very down to earth and practical manner. Just like what happens when we are having a conversation with someone and suddenly we hear ourselves and it sobers us up. Journal with all of the four cards in order to really solidify their guidance. Especially the card which will guide you through transformation. That card will be valuable for the remainder of the year. You may wish to refer back to what you have written.

Secondly, allow yourself to simply do your work one step at a time. Just ‘do the next thing.’ If you become overwhelmed simply ask yourself, “What is the next thing to do?” It should be very simple. Maybe it is, “put the dishes away.” Or even as small as, “put that shirt on a hangar.” Then ask again, “What is the next thing to do?” And keep going. One thing. Then another, then another. Those are the things that will help you to feel in control should everything else around seem crazy.

May your inner fortress be built with great care, great love, great compassion. We are ALL in this great time of transformation together.

Be well, be happy. Namaste.

Astro-Tarot Moons: Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17, 2019

Welcome to the full moon in Sagittarius! As with every full moon, we have a completion energy and the potential for something to be brightly illuminated and revealed which might have not been seen clearly, or at all, in the past. Overall, full moons are active times and we can be quite busy.

Before we go further please remember that you can use any deck you like for this exercise. It doesn’t matter. There will always be a card available that will carry these energies. You might like to do the exercise across multiple decks and see which card pops up according to the relationship you have with the deck. Is it the same card or a different one? Is it just one card that comes to you are are there two or more that seem to work? Explore!

This full moon is all about how we learn and the fruits of our learning. It deals with how we got to know what we know. It is blending the two types of learning that we do as we progress from our childhood into our adult lives.

PLANET: MOON – First, we have “Moon learning.” This encompasses the way we learn throughout our childhood and adolescence – with our heart. We don’t have the intellectual capacities to sort out the rationality about life. We lead with our hearts, guided by our emotions often simply reacting and then having to deal with consequences of our actions with no real capacity to reflect before we react again. (The moon rules the sign of Cancer so this sign correlates to this type of learning as well.)

SIGN: SAGITTARIUS- Secondly, we have “Sagittarius learning.” Sagittarius rules the institutions of learning: schools (including online schools and classes), universities, and religious institutions. (In Medieval times the only place to get a formal education was to enter the church.) This is learning that involves the intellect. It is what allows us to move through and around our emotional experiences letting our more rational thinking filter down to our emotions and help sort things out. It is also the sign that deals with the “laws” of nature and people. It is not about how laws are enforced, but rather about how laws are created out of experiences. This is both societal and personal. It rules how we personally set up and work with our personal ethics – the personal laws we choose to live by.

So right away we can see that we have a fabulous full moon that shines brilliant light on the current state of how we are doing with blending both systems. If you are currently a student you will get a big boost from this energy for any tests or term projects you are having to complete. Even if you aren’t a student you might just get a HUGE “Ah-Ha!” moment about something that you have been mulling over and trying to understand! All readings, whether tarot, Lenormand, or with any other oracle will most likely be very clear with little ambiguity.

PLANET: JUPITER IN ITS SIGN – Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Because of it’s girth Jupiter provides an expansiveness to our lives. It lives large and provides a flavour of optimism to our world – definitely the planet that runs around wearing rose coloured glasses! It provides us with our sense of humour and lightness of being. Sometimes this can get a bit out of hand and the expansion keeps growing and we get a bit in over our heads forgetting to sober up! We may not be able to keep boundaries as well as we should. We don’t just love a few people, we feel like we love the WHOLE WORLD! While there is nothing wrong with this Jupiter sometimes goes overboard leading us to overindulgence in our actions and thinking. It needs to remember it’s boundaries in order play safely.

Now lets add on a couple of more ingredients to this recipe.

ELEMENTS: Elements are easily understood by anyone with familiarity with the tarot. Elementally we have water for the Moon and fire for Sagittarius. When these elements are balanced they are respectful of each other. But they aren’t very compatible as fire wants to move and do and water wants to just let it flow, man! The fiery mind should know that if it burns through too much fuel (too much mental stimulation and overthinking) it will get burn too hot and the water (our ability to be empathic and intuitive) will bubble and toil uncomfortably and it can evaporate leaving us feeling arid! Likewise, the water should know that if it lets loose a dam of emotional activity (being irrational and emotionally reactive) it will put out that fire. At the very least the imbalance could create a lot of steam fogging up those rose coloured glasses and our vision will become impaired. So it is good to watch the balance of expansiveness thinking, learning and exuberance with our emotional needs and motivations.

FINAL PIECES: When we learn what we need to learn about life and develop our intellectual abilities enough to both formulate our code of ethics and develop greater understanding about all areas of life we learn better how to trust. In our wisest capacity we learn the art of discrimination. This helps us tame our Jupiter excitement so that we don’t lose the ability to trust not only others but, most importantly, ourselves and the choices we are making. One caveat: although I mentioned the institutions of religion being connected with Sagittarius, Sagittarius does not dabble in the realm of Faith. This realm belongs to a different sign. Sagittarius is about trust that comes from living our lives in a day to day way with our real people experiences.

OK! Let’s sort out our ingredients!

RECIPE INGREDIENTS: Exuberance, optimism, discrimination, trust. Education, learning, completion, illumination, expansion, optimism, personal ethics.

Using these ingredients here are some questions that might speak to you about finding a card for this moon time. You can pick one question to answer or maybe you can use more than one to deepen the intuitive sense of which card will work for you:

  • Which card represents your own internal teacher? The one that helps your blend your emotional learning and your external learning?
  • Which card provides you with illuminating and insightful understanding?
  • Which card teaches you about trusting your emotional philosophy?

PRACTICALLY SPIRITUAL: Here is a suggestion for grounding this information into a practical way of working with it over the next two weeks until the upcoming New Moon!

After finding your card you may wish to:

Have a chat with your card over tea! Pretend you are asking a dear mentor about one of the topics in the ingredient list that you might want to know more about. For instance, you might ask, “How will you best help me work with optimism?” Or, maybe just, “What are you illuminating for me with regard to learning about ____ (optimism, personal ethics, trust?) You may want to do several chats and pick a new topic for each chat. Journal your answers if you wish. One thing that is important: do these interviews during daylight hours to honour the element of illumination. Working in the dark is best left for new moon interviews.

We’re done! I hope that this has helped in your understanding of how to work with this lovely Full Moon in Sagittarius! I always welcome feedback and suggestions for how to improve your experience here on my blog.

Be well, be happy. Namaste.

Upcoming blog series: Astro-Tarot for the New and Full Moons

Way back in the dim dawn of time (well, the late 70’s but that kind of counts) I began to study both astrology and tarot. In the circles I became involved with we all studied both and so we never separated out the two modes of practice.

Now that I am coming back to both communities I find that, within the tarot community, there are not a large amount of readers who have astrological knowledge. However, I find that there is an large degree of interest from readers about astrology and especially about combining the two. But I get it! It is really daunting to think about diving into astrological study. It’s huge!

Here on this blog I am starting a series for beginners about how to begin to blend the energies of both with any deck. This will be both interactive and personal to you! I will give you the “recipe” for the basic energies held during each moon phase and you will then use your intuition and any deck (or decks!) you wish to find the card (or cards!) that feel right for you regarding these energies. I will then suggest a practical way to work with the cards and your life for the next two weeks before the next moon phase exercise.

The blogs in the series will start with “Astro-Tarot Moons:” at the beginning of the title to help you find them. When I have enough blogs I will move them to their own page.

Please join me!! I welcome your participation and any feedback and suggestions you have for me along the way!