Upcoming blog series: Astro-Tarot for the New and Full Moons

Way back in the dim dawn of time (well, the late 70’s but that kind of counts) I began to study both astrology and tarot. In the circles I became involved with we all studied both and so we never separated out the two modes of practice.

Now that I am coming back to both communities I find that, within the tarot community, there are not a large amount of readers who have astrological knowledge. However, I find that there is an large degree of interest from readers about astrology and especially about combining the two. But I get it! It is really daunting to think about diving into astrological study. It’s huge!

Here on this blog I am starting a series for beginners about how to begin to blend the energies of both with any deck. This will be both interactive and personal to you! I will give you the “recipe” for the basic energies held during each moon phase and you will then use your intuition and any deck (or decks!) you wish to find the card (or cards!) that feel right for you regarding these energies. I will then suggest a practical way to work with the cards and your life for the next two weeks before the next moon phase exercise.

The blogs in the series will start with “Astro-Tarot Moons:” at the beginning of the title to help you find them. When I have enough blogs I will move them to their own page.

Please join me!! I welcome your participation and any feedback and suggestions you have for me along the way!

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