Why the blog are you doing this?

Isn’t this the best question ever?

So here’s why!

I wish to offer you, dear readers, a chance to find information about how we can bring a lot of our spiritual training and learning into our practical lives. I am sometimes great at it and sometimes I REALLY suck! With that wide range of experience I hope to offer you something that will inspire you to try different ways of practicing.

Like many people what constitutes my spiritual practice includes a lot of different avenues. Like what? A few things….

  • I am a practicing Buddhist and have been since 1996.
  • I have studied astrology and tarot for over 40 years and did a stint using them professionally for a number of years over that period of time.
  • I am a nature worshiper! I kiss bees, hug trees, and dance with water.
  • I am a rock hound. I LOVE rocks and crystals beyond measure! I have many, many and keep getting more! (I may have a problem….)
  • I love ritual of all kinds, from those provided through my faith tradition to all the little ones I just make up for myself along the way. It is one of the best ways to bring your spirit into reality.

So these are a few of the topics we will explore together! I will seek to bring exercises and suggestions about how best to use the ideas I offer into something you can use in your daily life. I hope to help you find ways to bring your heart and mind together in harmony manifested. As it is said, “As Above, So Below.” Let’s begin….

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